Friday, January 12, 2007

And we call it..."Chicken and Rice Love."

This is a standard dish that I make often, and love very much. Sometimes the ingredients change, depending on my mood, but it always contains some sort of spanish-sounding rice (yellow or garlic herb) and Goya's "Mojo Criollo" marinade. When I cook the rice, I substitute this very thin liquid spice for some of the water, and the dish comes out slightly spicy, slightly citrusy, and always yummy. The rest is just a mixture of veggies I have on hand, and usually chicken. I love beans in my rice, and I use the Goya brand "small red beans." These are smaller than your average kidney bean, and the shell is much thinner. If you want the full recipe, let me know and I'll provide it. To be honest, everything is eyeballed, so I don't really have a "recipe" to begin with. Ha! The joy of cooking without a safety net... :)

These are some random shots I took while making homemade organic caffeine-free iced tea. (say THAT ten times fast!) I have an aunt that buys me big variety packs of tea every year for Christmas, which is lovely. However, I am the only tea drinker in my house, and even if I were to drink a cup of tea everyday I would STILL have leftovers by next Christmas.

So I decided to make iced tea yesterday. I mixed a few different flavors, which was ballsy I know. *grin* It turned out pretty decent, although I have secured the idea that I really dislike chamomile tea. It tastes like...dried mushed up flowers. And that's just gross...

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