Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I have decided to complete this meme, simply because it sounds fun. After much thought and deliberation in my kitchen, the following things are officially "must eat before death" in my book.

1. Eggs Benedict. Hands down, my favorite food. I love them traditional style, or with spinach and asparagus. Just smother it in rich, lemony hollandaise sauce, and I will be your BBF.

2. Gooey Bananas. Check this, okay? Melty vanilla ice cream topped with over-ripe bananas that have been cooked in a crockpot with cinnamon, vanilla, and melted caramel. Oh my God, heaven has arrived!

3. Buffalo Hot Wings. Yeah, I know...everyone has eaten these, right? Wrong. In parts of the United States, people have never HEARD of this New York-inspired dish. Crispy chicken wings, drenched in buttery hot sauce and served with blue cheese and celery. (Side note: The best place to get these is ALWAYS at a local bar and/or pub.)

4. Maryland Hard Shell Crabs (and crab cakes). Did you know that west of Ohio, Old Bay does not exist. It's true. Try to find it in the grocery store, and you will come across things like "crab boils," but not THE genuine staple of an Inner Harbor dining experience. Also, you will never find a breaded crabcake labeled "Maryland Style." It must be broiled jumbo lump with a dash of Old Bay seasoning (served with lemon wedges of course!), or it's not what I consider "from the Bay." Once you go Maryland style crab, you won't go back.

5. Creamed Chipped Beef (with hard boiled eggs) over Bread. I grew up with this Pennsylvania Dutch goodness, and feel it's the cause of probably 80% of my weight issues. I love it, just the same. You take chipped beef and fry it in Crisco, adding enough flour to make it "pasty." You then turn your burner down, stirring in milk until the paste substance becomes gravy. You serve immediately over bread, and top with chopped hard boiled eggs. It sounds gross, but is one of the yummiest (and artery clogging) breakfasts I've ever had.

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