Friday, November 03, 2006

My love for all things "Yum-O!"

So for my anniversary, my hubby bought me the "Rachael Ray 365 meals-no repeats!" cookbook, which I have been wanting for MONTHS. I am all of a sudden addicted to Rachael Ray, and her whimsical outlook on cooking. I have stopped using measuring equipment, and instead tell people, "twice around the pan" for the ingredient amounts. Her cookbook is so user-friendly, with a little tab on the end of the pages that says, "It's a keeper!" and "Maybe Later..." I write on the bottom of the pages the changes I made to the recipe, and whether they worked or not. I am in-love with a cookbook, and cannot seem to put it down.

Last night I made a sloppy chicken joe that was baked on top of fresh cornbread. The hubby was so impressed, he said, "Man, that Rachael Ray really knows what she's doing..." which made me beam. Making dinner has never been so fun for me!

Above: Multi-grain pancakes that were oh so yummy.

Below: The spiced pear jam that I SLAVED over last weekend.

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