Thursday, August 10, 2006

Portabella yuck burgers, and the quest for the "perfect" veggie food...

So I purchased portabella garlic burgers in hopes that they would be fabulous, and I would have a meat-free lunch alternative to salad. I tried the veggiepatch spinach nuggets, and really enjoyed I had high hopes. Welp, I decided to throw the burgers in the pan, and make a breakfast sandwich of sorts with the burger, egg whites and some cheese. Brilliant idea. They smelled terrible when I opened the package, but I held out hope that they wouldn't smell so rank post-cooking. No dice. I thought maybe they would "taste" good regardless. Not a chance. They were so bad, I actually had to spit out the small bite I had taken. I mean, ew. Do the manufacturers not "KNOW" these things taste like manure? Needless to say, I will not be buying anything that says "burger" that does not contain some type of meat product ever again.

*pokes you with a stick!* HA!

Seriously, you shouldn't judge all veggie burgers out there by the complete failure of one kind. There are several kinds out there that are not only edible but actually good too. Just like there are some non vegetarian foods that are good and others that taste like complete crap.

Food (and life) is an adventure. Unfortunately not every single adventure can be a happy one.
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