Monday, June 26, 2006

Kitty on my car, and I wanna touch it.

Hm, yeah. So my hubby's cat really enjoys lounging on my car, which bugs me to no end. When I pull out, my poor Element looks to be shedding. And then there's the crawling IN my car. If you leave the window down just a crack, she is rolling all over my seats. I can fully understand how she gets in, but it's the getting "out" that has me stumped.

On to lunch. The following pic is just a bowl of yummy watermelon. I felt froggy, and ate almost the entire bowl. As you can imagine, a little later I was feeling a lot less froggy, and the melon was a lot less yummy. Heh. I also had a tomato and cheese toasted bagel sandwich with basalmic vinegarette with herbs as a condiment. Tres yummy!

So my basement flooded this weekend. Normally, not a big deal, right? Well, maybe if I didn't have a litter box in my basement. The box flooded, and there was 4 inches of cat stuff floating when I opened the basement door this morning. *sigh* Why me? Not only that, but on my way to turn on the sump pump, my shoe flooded. Bleck.

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