Monday, July 10, 2006

My own personal challenge...

So here's the thing. I had this "vegetarian brunch" a month ago, and it was a BLAST. See, I'm a meat eater, but I enjoy being open-minded and trying new things. I enjoy being challenged in the kitchen, and my friend Jess put me to the test! She is a vegan, and while I can make a killer vegetarian quiche, I had never cooked something (other than serving raw veggies) for a non-dairy eater. I thought I was being all slick with the fruit and veggie trays, but she couldn't have the dip. So in planning for this month's "Meeting of the Non-Meat Eaters" I have done my homework! I really wanted to post the two recipes I am planning, but I sort of want it to be a surprise. I will hint in that one recipe is a dessert featuring vegan chocolate. The second is a phyllo casserole that sounds divine.

Here's the hard part...

Where do I find nutritional yeast flakes? *grin* I cannot WAIT to post the pictures!

And speaking of pictures... A few weeks back, I saw this large turtle making it's way through our yard on an extremely rainy Saturday. So I took some pictures of it, and a video of it trying to devour our shovel. After some internet investigative work, we concluded that it was a female snapper looking for a place to lay eggs. Very interesting, indeed. Though after the shovel incident, I doubt she will ever contemplate our yard again. :( Here are two of the photos.

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